By: Blonde One

On the most recent Blonde Bimble I made the mistake of saying that we were clear of the mud after Blonde Two commented on the squadgy nature of the path. It took me approximately 3 seconds to fall into a bog and get my left foot stuck! Serves me right! Thank goodness for gaiters. Much laughter followed and I eventually freed my foot with my boot still on it: believe me when I say that this bit was tricky.

What followed was a very interesting conversation (probably only interesting to us though) about boots, waterproof socks and bogs. Here’s how it went …

I had decided that because this walk was probably going to be muddy and it wasn’t going to rain, I would wear my old boots. This meant that I wouldn’t need to clean them when I got home. It did mean that I would need to wear my waterproof socks. The boots have a hole in them that would definitely let in water, which would be fine with the addition of lovely Sealskinz socks. After my bog dipping activity I spent a great deal of time stream splashing to try to get rid of the smelly mud plastered up my legs! We began to wonder if my feet and trouser legs would remain free from mud and dry. When we returned to the car it was with some surprise that we discovered that my trouser legs under my gaiters were indeed clean and dry. My socks were wet but my feet were dry. This experiment must surely invite the question: why bother to buy new boots? In order to have an accurate and fair test we decided that next time I should wear one old boot and one new! So if you see a couple of Blondes out and about with odd boots on – it’s probably us!4