By: Blonde Two

I have recently been having a bit of a Blonde shoe problem.

On Monday, I fancied running in the sunshine instead of exercising in a gym-in-a-cellar. This proved to be a mistake because:
a) I can’t do running; I know that I can’t because I wobble and stamp when I try to do it.
b) I wore trainers (which you would think was the correct thing to do) but they felt completely wrong and lacking in support compared to my walking boots.

On Tuesday, I took Harry-the-Jack for a walk and decided to do spur-of-the-moment running. It all felt much better in my walking boots (I always wear them to walk the dog).  I think tricking my body into thinking that it was going to be walking was also part of the success.  Balance was restored and my ankles didn’t feel like they were going to snap.

On Wednesday I was working from home (in the garden). How excellent that sounds; money even changed hands! I wore crocs and a pair of old hole-riddled trainers all day (not at the same time!) my feet felt marvellous.

On Thursday, thrown into shoe-panic by the combination of warmer weather and the need to be smart, I wore smart shoes to work. Now being a Ten Tors/DofE type of girl, I have experienced some pretty horrid blisters; but by the end of a day in girl shoes these paled into insignificance, I swear that my feet were on fire by the time I got home.

Blonde One is very good at shoes. I am not! I am in awe and envy of her ability to walk all day in heels with not a hint of limping at the end of it.  I have concluded that the only answer to my problem is to come up with a range of good quality walking boots that meet a wide range of Blonde-situation criteria:

Smart-Boots in a black patent with a silver lace.

Running-Boots in a flashy pink with bouncy soles.

Sandal-Boots in a light and airy red leather with a hessian heel.

The range, of course, will be called Blonde Booties because we Blondes are soooo bootiful!!