By: Blonde One

Ever heard of ‘Pimp my ride’? Well, the Two Blondes have made up their own version where we plan our own modifications to the minibus in order to ‘blonde it up’! The registration will have to be B1 and B2. The colour of the bus would obviously be yellow and Blonde Two suggested that there would be those long eyelashes over the headlights. The headlights incidentally would be rainbow coloured instead of boring white. The front seats are obviously the most important as that’s where the Blondes reside. We discovered that we need a mirror behind the passenger sun visor: not for lipstick, you understand. We need to do contact lenses and at the end of a walk we need to make sure our hair looks the right amount of ruffled without looking messy. There needs to be a little pocket/tray that is accessible to driver and passenger which holds an optimum amount of sweets (Jelly Babies preferred of course). The footwell between us has to be big enough to hold both rucksacks and my boots (as much as I love my boots I have to admit that they’re no good for driving a bus in). We have discovered on numerous occasions that rucksacks are no good in the back; there is always something that we need (it was a sick bag last time) (yes, I really do have a sick bag in my rucksack!!). The steering wheel must be grippy enough for me to still be able to wear my gloves. The bus we have at the moment has a very slippy steering wheel and I get very cold hands when I drive. We would quite like a couple of complimentary-coloured scatter cushions for those particularly long drives. Finally a music system that can have my iPod plugged into it. The previous users always seems to listen to a rubbish radio station.

As you may remember neither of us are particularly car-ish, although I am becoming increasingly so, so any suggestions would be most gratefully received, especially since in 2014 we will spend an awful lot of time there!