By: Blonde Two

Yesterday morning, the Two Blondes felt spoilt for choice in so many ways.  Blonde Two woke up first in our lovely room at Trelyoyhan Manor in St Ives and (despite suggestions from one naughty Blondee) chose not to draw a moustache on Blonde One while she was still sleeping.  The next choice (one we are not used to) was what time to get out of bed – this is usually a definite 4.30 a.m. at camp in order to avoid the teenage rush for toilet bushes.

We definitely had choices at breakfast with fruit, cereal, croissants, sausages (really good ones), bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, toast, eggs, tea and coffee. The rule on walking days is that you can eat what you want so we chose most of the above.  I even managed to choose tea and coffee in the same cup at the same time (an interesting combination that I don’t think I will try again.)

If you find Carbis Bay and then Treloyhan Manor (just above it) on the Lands End map (OL 102)  then you will notice that there is an almost bewildering choice of walks straight from the front door (or, if you are feeling adventurous, straight out of your bedroom window).  You can walk straight down the manor drive to the South West Coast Path and then go either Westish towards Zennor (and eventually Land’s End) or Northish towards Newquay (and eventually Land’s End – think about it!)  Alternatively, there are a wealth of lanes (lovely) and footpaths (sketchy) to explore inland with some amazing views back to the sea.

The Two Blondes choose an inland route today – it is always a treat to be able to walk straight from your door, and once up the Treloyhan Manor drive, it was a quick crossing of the road and straight onto some of those lovely lanes.  Our first destination was Knill’s Steeple – an impressive  monument to a local important bloke with an apparent penchant for young ladies dressed in white (he left money so that ten could dance around his monument once every five years).  The views of Carbis bay from the monument were lovely so we stopped for coffee.



That was unfortunately where the Blonde choices started to go a bit wrong.  The route went a bit awry when we were given a false sense of security by the presence of lanes and the lack of mist, bogs and sheep.  We chose a lot of different footpaths but all of them either ended suddenly (one in an only just avoided electric fence), did not exist at all or were matted with Blonde-eating brambles.


All of this meant that although we walked for six hours, we didn’t go to many of the places that we planned to.  It was all lovely though – if you are making some walking choices yourself, I would definitely recommend the St Ives area and getting yourself off the usual tourist paths a bit.  I would also thoroughly recommend Treloyhan Manor as a starting point – the peace, quiet and delicious breakfast were the perfect choice for this Blonde Cornish Bimble.