By: Blonde Two

I think I may have mentioned just a few times, that the Two Blondes are very busy at work at the moment.  I am sorry if this message is a bit boring but it is kind of relevant to today’s post.

By a bizarre quirk of fate, I happened to come into possession of a rather large quantity of talking pedometers this week – the Blonde World is indeed a strange one.  A large quantity of pedometers would be unusual enough for any normal girl but pedometers with a personality – well, what can I say?

We have decided already that our Duke of Edinburgh kids would probably really enjoy having a play with and a chat to these quirky pedometers on their expeditions.  I hope they work properly, can you imagine the arguments if one has recorded a longer walk than the other?

I don’t have to imagine these arguments because, yesterday, to relieve the workiness of the day, I challenged Blonde One to a competition.  In her pigeon hole (not a euphemism) this morning she found one of the pedometers and a note challenging her to walk further than me during the day.  There is nothing a Blonde likes better than a competition so I had deliberately chosen a day which I knew would see me charging up and down the corridors and stairs in general “sorting stuff out” mode.

Unfortunately for my need to win, Blonde One is as competitive as I am and by lunch time, I had an email which showed that, despite my manic morning and aching feet, she was fast on my heels.  I think our job roles must have swapped at around that time because, by the time she came down to my office for a meeting at 3.00, the scores were in and I was a bit on the displeased side.  Here they are;

Blonde One (in heels) – 6548 steps

Blonde Two (in a silver jumper) – 4103 steps

I like to think that I accepted my defeat graciously but know that really, the only result will be that I insist that we play the game again until I have either fallen over with exhaustion or tied Blonde One to a chair so that she can’t move around so much.

I have been worried about my lack of exercise since going back to work so decided that we should work out how far we had walked.  Being an expert navigator (sometimes), I know how many double paces that both I and Blonde One walk for each 100 metres.  By the power of maths, I have worked out that Blonde One walked 4.5 kilometres today whereas I did a measly 2.9 kilometres.

I know this sounds like sour grapes a bit but I do feel that I should win extra kilometre points here for doing the majority of my steps up and down the stairs.  Bring on tomorrow!  Bring on the Blonde Competition!