By: Blonde Two

B2:  Good morning Blonde One, you are looking a bit fuzzy but comfy in your dressing gown.

B1:  Morning Blonde Two, is the coffee on yet?
B2:  Of course – let’s go and slump on the giant white sofa.
B1:  Do you not mean perch on that lump of granite that looks relatively horizontal?
B2:  No, this is a house and houses have sofas.  You can sit on them and not even get your bottom wet.
B1:  So we aren’t on Dartmoor yet?
B2:  We are chez Blonde Two but the moors look lovely.  Shall we go?
B1:  Can we take the sofa?
B2:  It won’t fit in the Blonde Mobile but I do know of a lovely cafe.  My head hurts!
B1:  Do you remember not being able to find the restaurant last night?
B2:  It is not my fault, I wrote a route card but the destination was changed without warning.
B1:  More dynamic planning!
B2:  No surprise then that the restaurant was called “East in the West”.
B1:  Yep, enough to confuse eleven well qualified DofE leaders.
B2:  Did we really challenge the chaps to a night-nav-off?
B1:  You did!  We have pencilled it in the calendar for 2016.
B2:  My head still hurts, shall we have a banana each?
B1:  Yeah!  The Gatekeeper says that they are good for hangovers.
B2:  Right then, shall we go to Dartmoor?
B1:  I’m ready (looks at dressing gowns doubtfully)
B2:  Right then, shall we go to Dartmoor?
B1:  Yep, off we go.
B2:  Can you remember where I left the car last night?!?!?