By: Blonde Two

Despite our jokes on Twitter about “Two Blondes the Movie”, I am not sure that fame and fortune figure in our future.  I have to say, I am not sorry about that at all, it must be quite a bore having people talking about what you are wearing and where you go out for dinner all of the time.  Imagine the paparazzi trying to trail us across Dartmoor though – it would be funny to see them slip and slide in the bogs, mud splashing across their laces.  We would probably take pity on them and share our Jelly Babies.

Although, there is a chance that I might be wrong about the fame thing – on Wednesday there was a parcel on the kitchen table when I got home.  The Two Blondes had got their first fan mail.  I was so excited that I have to confess to biting the brown paper to start off the opening process.  Once open, I was thrilled to find a tube of smarties fastened to a rather large box of Jelly Babies – obviously this Blonde Fan knows what our favourite walking fodder is.  Clearly though there is some disagreement as the legend “Smarties Rule, OK!” was written on the Jelly Babies box.

There was a secret message in Amateur Radio Q-Codes accompanying the Jelly Babies.  I think that I understand it and have written my reply.  See how you get on with the translation:

QSL From Blonde Two to Starfire

Date: 01.02.13           Time:  Quite Late

Your Qth – A hill in Devon

My Qth – A sofa near Dartmoor

QSL Sent

73, 88