By: Blonde Two

Ok, time to come clean.  For the first weekend in ages, this Blonde has been nowhere near Dartmoor.  There has been so much cloud that I don’t think I have even seen it.

Christmas shopping (and Christmas brunch eating), in all honesty, turned out to be a much more sane option for the weekend.  It was a bit drier too but the advantage was lost by wearing trainers.  I had forgotten how much water my walking boots keep out and my socks were soaked after a day round Exeter.  I had a lovely time and am sure that I covered as many miles as I would have done on a day on the moors maybe with as much height gain, escalators are amazing aren’t they!

Even if it means waist deep wading (joke and not recommended!), the Two Blondes have an expedition planned for next weekend and are both looking forward swapping smart shoes for walking boots once more.  Lets hope the weather puts on her glad rags and starts to behave in a more ladylike manner before then.