By: Blonde Two

One prerequisite skill if you want to be accepted into the Kingdom-of-Blondness (many try …) is the ability to improvise.  But not just improvise in the usual way; in order to be a true Blonde, you must improvise using a method that meets three criteria.

1. Your improvisation should meet a specific need – in this case, Blonde One got the cup of coffee that she so badly needed and the tent porch (posh I know) didn’t collapse.Improvisation2.  The improvisation should make people stop and wonder why they have never thought of that particular solution themselves.  For example, I’ll wager lots of you have run out of tent pegs, some may even have used rocks or sticks as replacements but you almost certainly have not used your precious cup of coffee to tighten your guy rope (unless that is yet another euphemism that I don’t understand).

3.  (And this is the key to true Blondicity!)  Your improvisation should provide the capacity for the slow realisation that it is not actually going to work.  In this example, all was clearly well at the time the photo was taken.  The porch was standing, the guy rope was tight (oh er!) and the coffee was being made.  But I have absolutely no idea how Blonde One was planning to imbibe the precious beverage without causing a tentage collapse of a most annoying kind.

What is really odd is that, despite being there, I have no idea whatsoever of what happened next.  Please do enlighten us Blonde One.