By: Blonde Two

When you work with young people, every now and again you come across one that you kind off recognise, one who catches your eye, one who reminds you of yourself.

I was, I think, a little bit precocious as a girl.  Not too much so, three sisters would have kept tight reins on too many tendencies in that direction.  I can remember getting into trouble at school, not for poor work or bad behaviour (I was, for the most part, a scholarly young lady) but for over-familiarity with my elders.  As you can imagine, this propensity did at times stand me in good stead but at others, probably just irritated the hell out of people.

Precociousness is obviously just self-confidence that has gone a bit too far.  The Two Blondes came across a young lady this week who has bags of the latter and maybe just the correct hint of the former.  Faced with great disappointment at our cancelled Ten Tors walk, she took it upon herself to visit her head of establishment and ask for some time on Friday to do a replacement one.  We Two Blondes know very well that if we had asked the same question, we would have got a negative response.  There are few things more impressive, however, than a polite, slightly opinionated, but self-assured young woman and within half an hour, our Would-Be-Blonde had secured an expedition for herself and some of her lucky but less persuasive male comrades.

Do we have a team leader in the making here?  Too soon to call it, but my money is on the Blonde!