By: Blonde Two

(All map images courtesy of Ordnance Survey who are jolly nice people).

Ordnance Survey have launched a competition to design a range of new map symbols. We Blondes are obviously very excited about this, as successful designs will feature on OS maps across the UK. Can you imagine anything more thrilling than seeing your own design every time you opened a map? (Well, you probably can … but you know how much we Blondes love a bit of Ordnance Survey!) Here are some competition tips.


Our only objection to this most excellent competition is the symbols that have been requested; the Blonde problem being that most of them would not appear on the Dartmoor OL28 map. Here is Ordnance Survey’s list with reference to Dartmoor:
1) Vineyard (we can’t find one but know where the breweries are).
2) Skate Park (we keep forgetting to pack our skateboards).
3) Caves (there are some of these but they are secret).
4) Toilet (who needs a toilet when you have tussocks).
5) Art Gallery (hmm – the Visitor Centre does this sometimes).
6) Electric Car Charging Point (you can’t even get petrol).
7) Climbing Centre (okay, so this one would work).
8) Solar Farm (you would have to get through the planners first).
9) Kite Surfing (tricky but impressive down the Devonport Leat).
10) Ice Rink (plenty of these in February, often on tents).

Obviously the only answer to our Blonde problem is to pick a few choice Blonde-Symbols that we would like to see on OL28. These would be particularly helpful for girls. For example:

1) Tampon-Purchase-Place (running out is no fun at all).
2) Jelly-Baby-Fill-Up-Station (could mean success instead of failure).
3) Cheesy-Chip-Venue (should meet rigorous standards)
4) Toilet-Rock (out of eyesight and with  handholds).
5) Contact-Lens-Application-Area (with mirror and out of the wind).

I am sure that you have some more ideas – do let us know and we will pass them on to Ordnance Survey. Oh, and do let us know if you take part in the competition! (Do you know what these symbols mean?)