By: Blonde Two

I talked to you a little while ago about me, Blonde Two having the conn.  Being in charge of expeditions has been a new experience for this year and I have to say that while I have enjoyed it and feel quite proud of myself, I have also found it nerve-wracking and utterly exhausting.

Which is why, I am pleased to announce that from hereon in this summer, I am handing the conn back to Blonde One.  I feel like we should have had a little ceremony to celebrate the end of Ten Tors and the start of Duke of Edinburgh but the hand-over has suddenly and seamlessly happened and, this weekend the Two Blondes, with Blonde One at the helm, will be back up on Dartmoor on a Silver expedition.

It is quite a complicated expedition with youngsters ranging from experienced Young Leaders to DofE Bronze newbies all having different needs.  Blonde One is definitely the girl for this job and yesterday showed me a most excellent “responsibilities” list.  At my request, I have been put in charge of “nothing at all”.  This is a bit of a change for my slightly control-freaky nature but I am looking forward to just enjoying Dartmoor and the kids without having to carry the whole picture (plus all of the possible pictures) in my head.

So, Blonde One has the conn and I am going to be responsible for “nothing at all”. Should be fun, I will let you all know how it goes.