By: Blonde One

I am a very naughty Blonde as I haven’t blogged for a while – sorry about that – but as always there is a very good reason/excuse! I have once again been on a weekend away and I think I will have to start some sort of rating system for the shopping opportunities in any given location. No matter how many places I visit there will always be Tavistock at the top of the list of places to shop as it has the Kountry Kit shop. This is my favourite walking shop and is an Aladdin’s cave full of goodies that will tempt me. Next on the list of top shopping spots has to be Exeter as I love the Cotswolds at Darts Farm and the Moorland Rambler in the city. Moorland Rambler gives the best advice on anything that you can think of to ask. Next on the list is my latest jaunt – Cardiff. It is a beautiful city, especially in the snow, and has a very good selection of walking shops, large and small. I imagine that the close proximity to the Brecons means that there was a good range of lovely items in all of their outdoorsy shops. Lastly I’m afraid will have to go to Hatfield where I found that the shops were just filled with snow stuff (although I understand why now) and not much to tempt a walker.

So, in summary I can recommend:

1. Tavistock – Kountry Kit

2. Exeter – Cotswold’s and Moorland Rambler

3. Cardiff

4. Hatfield

Feel free to recommend any locations that need to be added to the list but remember Tavistock will never to dislodged from the top spot!

By the way – still no Haribo jacket 🙁