By: Blonde Two

Yesterday I talked to you about how I am mission commander when the Two Blondes are out on Ten Tors training and Blonde One is when we are on DofE expedition.  This system works very well for us and I firmly believe that Blonde Telepathy is the key to that success.

We only have two training weekends left now before the Ten Tors event, Blonde excitement and apprehension are mounting in equal proportion.  I have discovered this year that being in command can be quite stressful and I think may well breathe a sigh of relief when, come May 13th, I can hand the mission conn over to Blonde One again (until this year, she has always been in charge).

We are always very amicable in our “in charge” arrangements.  Although we sometimes have different thoughts on things, I can’t remember a time when we failed to come to a mutually acceptable solution.

You may have guessed that I usually have the conn for all things blog and social network related.  This is not always the case, if one of us is feeling a bit feisty, she will ask the other to check a post through.  We were in the middle of doing that the other day when my computer, which clearly recognises the importance of knowing who has the conn, delivered me the message, “Blonde One has taken over.”  She had, she can and I know that we will work well together whichever way round the command is.