By: Blonde Two

Blonde One set me a challenge a couple of weeks ago.  I am not sure if she realised at the time that she was doing so but I took it as such and it bothered my head until I came up with a solution.  Here is the problem;

We Blondes had eight people (adults and bigger than adults), all of their kit, a giant tent (you wait until I show you), kitchen equipment and food for ten days to fit onto our minibus.  This meant that the food needs to either not be bought before we travel or fit into a very small, neat space.

I went through all kinds of possibilities.  I did, in fact, discover a whole new method of menu planning.  With this new method, you must not consider tastiness, simplicity of cooking or nutrition, you must only think about space.  Here are some examples;

1.  Chicken – fine minced but never a whole one, think of all that wasted space between its ribs.

2.  Sausages – quite good as they squash together but you have to be able to eat them without ketchup (this ability does not develop in humans until way past 20).

3.  Bread – a really tricky one, bread squashes down well and can also be used as a pillow but the squashing renders it useless for eating.

4.  Marrow – far too bulky and a silly example as I think I am the only person in the world who actually likes to eat it.

The solution to the problem, came to me, as most good Blonde solutions do, in the middle of the night (this would explain the current bags hovering under my eyes).  Meals take up much more space in their uncooked state than they do in their cooked one. So on Monday I bought some ingredients, chopped them up so small that nobody could tell which vegetables were there (an important trick with teenagers), cooked them and froze them in plastic bags ready for the cool box.

Kind of like making baby food but hopefully more tasty.  Boy we Blondes are good!