By: Blonde Two

We Blondes are having a bit of trouble with our poles at the moment.  We have plenty of tent inners, tent outers and big bags of pegs but, for some mysterious reason, most of our tent poles appear to have gone walk-about.  This is enough to make any (either) Blonde dance about in frustration for a while (spot the clumsy link to the title).  Maybe they have gone on a Blonde Bimble, I wouldn’t blame them for doing so, Bimbles are fun and the weather isn’t looking as bad this weekend as it was doing earlier in the week.

Thinking about it, they must have gone on this Bimble in pairs, otherwise they would have fallen over.  I wonder if they remembered to take a first aid kit, the stores seemed to be a bit short on those as well.

We have managed to cobble together enough tents for this weekend’s Bronze DofE expedition but are going to be needing more before the summer is over.  We know where all of the poles, whistles, compasses etc are, they are hiding under teenage beds, stuffed in teenage wardrobes and dumped in teenage parents’ garages.

We are going to have to have another “Equipment Amnesty” soon.  They rarely work but new tents are expensive and we have to give it a go.  I’ll let you know how we get on!