By: Blonde Two

Continued – The Two Blondes review of 2014. More triumph than disaster!

July – Gold and Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Expedition success!

DofE (15 days, 11 nights)DSC_1867

The Two Blonde consider some of Dartmoor’s quirkier rules

Silver Expedition success on Dartmoor. Apparently, it was all about balls

Acclimatisation on The Isle of Man

The Two Blondes and their Gold youngsters fall in love with The Isle of Man

Our Gold Duke of Edinburgh team achieve an amazing success (94 km in 4 days of sweltering heat) and Blonde Two makes some discoveries

August – The trip mountain is summited.

Ten Tors (0), Duke of Edinburgh (0), Isles of Scilly (B1), Austria (B2)Smallest Cross

Blonde One reaches her own personal summit

Blonde Two gets a bit of altitude

The Two Blondes unpack for the first time since February

The Blondes eschew the low hanging fruit

September – Old Uncle Tom and his cobleys.

Dartmoor Rescue and Dartmoor Rangers (1 day)

The Two Blondes finally make it to Widecombe Fair

Blonde One says goodbye to an old friend

Internet safety is completely ignored as the Blondes meet a stranger, and his hat

October – Two Blondes Walking Limited is born.

Ten Tors (1), DofE (0)Heather and Gorse

Blonde Two has a go at canuting

Two Blondes Walking is nominated for (but doesn’t win) a national blogging award

Blonde Two tests a jacket on Dartmoor

Blonde One sees the Northern Lights but forgets to write a blog post about it (never too late!)

November – The Dartmoor Christmas Tree is launched.

Ten Tors (1 day)Down Jacket Standing

The Two Blondes meet another man on Dartmoor

Blonde One goes shopping in Norway

A Dartmoor serenade

Blonde eavesdropping

Wonderful people

Two Blondes Walking is nominated for another blog award (you can vote if you like!)

The ‘Dartmoor Christmas Tree’ has a book launch at Princetown’s Visitor Centre

December – “It’s all about Tree …”Bauble 21

The Dartmoor Bauble quiz is launched and competition becomes fierce

Blonde Two develops nyctophobia

The Blondes ponder their jobby empire

The Two Blondes prepare for NightNavOff 2015

The Two Blondes make their radio and TV debut up at The Dartmoor Christmas Tree (24th December) and (02:23:50)

Sales of ‘The Dartmoor Christmas Tree’ exceed expectations and a second print run is ordered

Both Blondes are thankful

So, I am sure you will agree, dear Blondees and Blondettes. Quite a year for the Blondes. But it wouldn’t have been half as much fun without you all. So thanks for sticking with us, who knows what 2015 might bring … anything could happen in the next twelve months!