By: Blonde Two

Well, here we are again, another outdoor year gone and another to look forward to.

If 2016 was all about changes then 2017 has been all about consolidation. We have done less of a few outdoor things, done more of lots of outdoor things, been Ordnance Survey Champions for the second year running, been filmed three times (a new one for us), featured in several women’s magazines, explored Scotland, Wales, The Isles of Scilly, Norway and Ireland (we have even been to the South East!!!), had dinner with Ben Fogle, run lots of navigation and wild camping workshops, led some DofE expeditions, helped out with the Ten Tors Challenge, had a fabulous time at Countryfile Live with Ordnance Survey and done some rather interesting outdoor PR work (another new one).

The Blonde calendar is already filling up for 2018 but what exactly did we get up to in 2017? Here are a few of our highlights for the first six months:

January 2017

Blonde One explores Snowdonia with Mr B1 and both Blondes enjoy a day exploring Dartmoor’s diverging paths. Both Blondes have dinner with Ben Fogle and a photo of them doing so appears on B2’s Mum’s toilet wall.

February 2017

Blonde Two meets a night swimming challenge and enjoys a Dartmoor wild camp with friends. Blonde One plays with ice axes in Scotland.

March 2017

Both Blondes attempt to put up a tent at Dartmoor’s Four Winds (and prove that it does, indeed, have four winds). Blonde Two debates the potential wild camping mat possibilities of a variety of cheeses. Both Blondes lead the first navigation workshop of 2017.

April 2017

Both Blondes enjoy another visit to the fabulous Walk Scilly Walking Festival and Blonde Two discovers the joys of friends who say ‘yes’ #fwsy!

May 2017

Blonde One leads her first Bronze DofE Expedition for Trinity School and Blonde Two takes Mr B2 on a surprise free camping trip to Northern Norway.

June 2017

Blonde One takes an afternoon walk up Dartmoor’s Ryder’s Hill and Blonde Two gives a few tips for Arctic hygiene.

All that before the summer has really got started… tune in tomorrow for the rest of 2017…