By: Blonde Two

I don’t know if you have noticed but years seem to go past more quickly as you get older. There’s probably an algorithm somewhere that dictates this. The equation would be something like…

v=365-(an/2) (where v=speed of year, a=age and n=number of facial wrinkles)

We have now been entertaining the masses with our blog posts for seven years and continue to enjoy working together, having outdoor adventures and encouraging other people to enjoy Getting Outside. Our navigation and wild camping courses have been particularly popular this year and we have loved meeting all of our trainees almost as much as we have enjoyed hearing about their adventures afterwards. We are just rounding off year four as Ordnance Survey Get Outside Champions and are two of only a few of the original fifteen champions left. Blonde One and I aren’t getting younger but we both still love our outdoor lifestyles. Apparently wild camping on Dartmoor is just as much fun in our fifties as it was in our forties! Here’s our Blonde review of 2019, and more importantly, here’s to your outdoor adventures for 2020.

January 2019

Blonde Two visits another Welsh bothy and meets one of the Mountain Bothies Association working parties. Blonde One takes delivery of the Ordnance Survey Get Outside trophy for Outdoor Education and both Blondes take part in creating a film submitted to the BMC Women in Adventure film competition.

February 2019

Blonde One discovers one of Dartmoor’s more recent clapper bridges. Blonde Two admits to a rather odd sleeping bag problem and both Blondes discover some cold weather ticks (not the twitching kind). We also run our first winter wild camping course (and nobody freezes).

March 2019

Neither Blonde manages to organise the weather properly (this is a recurring theme but we don’t let it put us off). Blonde Two completes her outdoor swimming Polar Bear Challenge and Blonde One introduces a beginner to wild camping on Dartmoor.

April 2019

Another month of TV fame for the Two Blondes with an appearance on Channel 4’s ‘Devon and Cornwall’ (navigating and wild camping on Dartmoor of course!) Blonde One takes a turn up one of Dartmoor’s highest tors and Blonde Two discovers why her garden can be a great way to Get Outside.

May 2019

Blonde One explores the Great Wall of China and is moved to tears by youngsters undertaking Dartmoor’s Jubilee Challenge. Blonde Two rewrites some important rules of physics. Both Blondes invent some much needed new outdoor words. Oh yes, and Blonde One celebrates a very important birthday!

June 2019

Blonde Two goes on a camper van adventure around Scotland and has a go at venison butchery in the woods (and eats rather too much). Blonde One celebrates an impressive 20 years of service to Dartmoor’s Ten Tors Challenge. Both Blondes learn a few games to play when they are walking.


Well that’s the first six months of 2019… Not bad for two ordinary ladies. You’ll have to tune in on Sunday if you want to find out what happened next…

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