By: Blonde Two

Welcome back. It’s not 2020 yet but then neither is the Blonde vision… Here’s what we got up to during the latter half of 2019.


July 2019

Blonde Two explores London and works with a fab team to create Ordnance Survey’s new Walk London map. Blonde One visits Dartmoor’s beautiful Lydford Gorge and both Blondes have a few tips for anyone wanting to try camping in a bivvy bag.

August 2019

Both Blondes visit a Dartmoor pool where neither of them really swim, then a river where both of them do. We discover that wheelchair wild camping on Dartmoor is definitely possible. We have the pleasure of visiting the Devon Air Ambulance headquarters and celebrate 10 years since B2’s broken ankle and helicopter ride.

September 2019

Blonde Two goes waterfall chasing in Wales. Blonde One goes on an exploration walk around Galmpton. Both Blondes celebrate a wet and wild National Get Outside Day and discover the finer points of tarp erection during a Dartmoor wild camp bivvy trip.

October 2019

Both Blondes celebrate a successful season of wild camping courses and navigation courses and make plans for 2020. Blonde One spends some time at Forest School. Blonde Two keeps on swimming through the rain.

November 2019

Blonde One visits the stunning Valley of the Rocks in North Devon and runs a successful World Challenge training camp. Blonde Two takes a walk around Belfast and has a swim with a seal. Both Blondes explain why learning to map read is so important… and such good fun!

December 2019

Blonde Two contemplates swimming an ice mile but only manages a kilometre in 10 degree water. Blonde One finds herself at a well-known Dartmoor film location. Both Blondes enjoy a very special Christmas party complete with multiple Christmas trees, a very good pub dinner and carol singing in a soggy tent.


So there we have it… Our Blonde Get Outside review for 2019. If I was writing our report (and I have written many) I think I would be saying, ‘Well done! You did that’. So, as 2019 draws to a close, here’s to tipping over the 50 barrier, entering a strange but new life phase, getting outside despite the difficulties and enjoying most excellent friendships. The latter is, after all, what really makes the world go round.

What are you waiting for… Go on Get Outside… If we can, you can… We promise you there is a lot of fun to be found out there.