By: Blonde Two

Welcome back lovely Blondees and Blondettes. Here is part 2 of our Blonde review of the year (it’s been a busy one!):

Blonde One completes part 2 of her DofE Diamond Challenge (along with some very lovely DofE mums) and Blonde Two climbs a ladder in the Cairngorms and spots some mountain hares.

Both Blondes experience a month of being bitten by small flying things.


Blonde One finishes her DofE Diamond Challenge with a trip to the Peak District and Blonde Two gets confused about her minibus status.

Both Blondes enjoy the delights (and bogs) of Kinder Scout.


Blonde One compares the Bronze Age antiquities on the Isles of Scilly with those on Dartmoor and Blonde Two finally gets to meet Uncle Tom Cobley at Widecombe Fair.

Both Blondes visit the first ever National Trust South West Outdoors Festival.


Blonde One introduces Blonde Two to the Isles of Scilly and Blonde Two explores the feng shui rules of wild camping whilst checking out her chi.

Both Blondes are privileged to be invited to the Isles of Scilly Walking Festival and do some entertaining inter-island hopping.


Blonde One walks on water whilst discovering some interesting features at Fernworthy Reservoir (our most popular post this year) and Blonde Two discovers the secret world of early morning winter sea swimming.

Both Blondes discover (and try to remember) the perfect Dartmoor wild camping pitch.


Blonde One prepares for a February Scotland trip with an important outdoor gear purchase and Blonde Two’s bottom comes off worse against the barnacles in a sea swim visit to Torbay’s Hindu Caves.

Both Blondes organise a Dartmoor bunkhouse weekend for their fellow Ordnance Survey Champions and celebrate a year of being ‘orange’.

2016 (our 4th year) has been another great year for the Two Blondes. It ended with a tinge of sadness because our much-loved Ten Tors adventure team (one we will never forget) has finally disbanded, but there is also excitement because we are both on the cusp of new experiences and adventures.

Thanks Mr Welsh – it’s been ‘fablus’, ‘tidy’ and absolutely ‘dim problem’! x

We would like to thank you all for accompanying us this far. 2017 is set to be a year of  exciting new beginnings… keep watching this blog space if you want to find out more!