By: Blonde Two

Welcome to part two of our Blonde review of 2015:

July – Expedition Days 17, Expedition Nights, 14
Blonde One receives an exciting package from World Challenge, Blonde Two learns how to tell direction with a watch (and forgets again) and there is a rather wet end to a Bronze DofE expedition

B2 23:07:15Joe first aidMatches6 in a 2 man tent

August – Expedition Days 3, Expedition Nights 2
The Two Blondes announce their second children’s book ‘Dart the River’, Blonde One goes to Morocco with World Challenge and discovers some weird wildlife and Blonde Two tackles her first solo wild camp

Gorse Tea4Peat Pass Marker 2LUCYS - WIN_20150809_161346BruKit Tea

September – Expedition Days 0, Expedition Nights 0
Blonde Two takes a trip to New Zealand and investigates the colour pink, Blonde One takes a trip on a canal and Blonde Two gets caught short on a volcano

River TauherenikauRehydrating Pad ThaiDSC01608[1]Stove EEC

October – Expedition Days 4, Expedition Nights 3
Blonde One buys some B1’s but refuses to wear her pants Six-Foot-Blonde hangs his parents and family Blonde Two build a raft

Goulash2LWWF2Axe and WoodHighland Cattle Dartmoor2

November – Expedition Days 1, Expedition Nights 0
Blonde Two tries out for Dartmoor Rescue, Blonde One visits with royalty and both Blondes consider the topic of ‘strewning’

School Night B1 4LUCYS - WIN_20151128_160825DofE Logo 1Walking Blondes

December – Expedition Days 0, Expedition Nights 0
Book sales of ‘The Dartmoor Christmas Tree’ exceed 2014, The Two Blondes become champions, Blonde Two starts her Friday Rebellion campaign and Blonde One goes on a fairy hunt

Family B2 Tree 201520151214_144230DSC_6192Santa Bowerman

So there you have it. Quite a year I am sure that you will agree. We Blondes are already hatching plans for 2016, it is shaping up to be a bit different, but just as busy as 2015. See you there!