By: Blonde Two

The Two Blondes Walking outdoor blog has become very popular over the last six years, we have a constant stream of visitors and get emails when people’s regular daily post doesn’t appear at the allocated time (we even have our own version of British Summer Time!) As well as people finding us through our social media channels and blogs we write for other websites, we are doing pretty well when it comes to SEO (that’s Search Engine Optimisation not Secret Exploring Outside – but we are pretty good at both). I have told you about some of the more odd search engine terms before (things people type or say when they are looking for information) but our website allows also allows us to find out what our most common terms are. Here are a few examples:

The top (all time) search engine term for Two Blondes Walking

‘two blondes walking’ (no surprises there)

The most romantic (all time) search engine terms for Two Blondes Walking

‘blonde poems’, ‘lovely blondes’ and ‘rare snowdrops

Two nudity-related search engine terms for Two Blondes Walking

‘skinny dipping Dartmoor’ and ‘Blondes in the buff

The most common navigation (all time) search engine terms for Two Blondes Walking

‘map to grid get rid’ (well that one will have to change soon), ‘1:25,000 scale‘ and ‘how to look after a compass

The search engine term (all time) that is currently making Blonde Two laugh the most

‘slumping on Dartmoor’ – I have done this many times but don’t remember ever mentioning it!


Incidentally, most of the top UK search engine terms for 2018 involved people searching for things related to TV and entertainment but there were a few that had more active possibilities…

‘World Cup’ (possibly more for watching and beer drinking but we’ll never know how many people enjoyed a kick about afterwards)

How to floss (apparently bad for your knees and nothing to do with teeth)


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