By: Blonde Two

When Blonde One and I were out visiting the lovely chappies at Ashburton Dartmoor rescue the other day, I got to wondering how we could make sure that it was them that came to rescue us if we ever needed help up on Dartmoor.  I am sure that all of the four different teams are fantastic but in a crisis, it is always nice to see a familiar face.

We pondered a couple of strategies.  The guys offered to draw us out a boundary of their area so that we could plan all of our future routes to stay within that area.  This wasn’t ideal as it would miss out some of our favourite place – Kink-in-Leat, Nun’s Cross Farm and Foxtor Cafe to mention a few. It would also mean that our Ten Tor’s teams would never practice in the right part of Dartmoor.


In the end, I came up with a cunning and subtle plan.  I have long been a fan of Batman and have always fancied owning a bat signal.  If Blonde One and I could get hold of a rucksack sized Blonde Signal, we could use it in case of emergency.  This signal would fit on the end of one of Mr B2’s most excellent bike lights (obviously I bought those – biking kit is as fun to buy as any other kit).  The design bothered me for a while, obviously we are not batty so the bat signal wouldn’t do.  But then it came to me in a flash of inspiration – our Blonde Signal would have a Jelly Baby that projected itself onto the night sky.

My sister has just suggested that we could achieve this effect in an even more exciting manner by sticking a Jelly Baby to the car head-lamp and driving up a big tor so that the signal is pointing skywards.  I am sure that the whole of Ashburton would see us then and come rushing to our rescue.

Of course, the correct way to call for emergency help if you are out on the hills is to dial 112 and ask for the police who are the only people who are really allowed to call Dartmoor Rescue out.  There is some useful information here