By: Blonde Two

Every now and again, the Two Blondes decide that they haven’t seen enough of each other and organise a sleepover.  We didn’t call them that until one of our DofE girls found out that I was spending a night at Blonde One’s house and, after some appropriate questioning about pyjamas and midnight feasts, decided that it was indeed a proper sleepover.

Sleepovers are fun and usually for the Two Blondes, preceded by a meal out with DoffE friends, some beer and some more beer.  Sometimes Blonde One throws beer all over one of the friends.  She has promised not to do that this time but I am wearing my waterproof trousers just in case it is my turn.

This time, Blonde One is sleeping over at chez Blonde Two.  I have prepared the bedroom for her which involved the following;

1.  Remove all rucksacks and camping gear from the spare bed.  Difficult to know whether or not Blonde One will want to boil water for coffee in the middle of the night but she will probably have her Jetboil with her if she feels the need – she won’t want to be parted from it yet.

2.  Find a safe place for Big Orange (do other people give their sleeping bags names?) – he must not be stuffed prematurely.  Premature stuffing, I have heard, can make things that once were big, flat and less exciting.

3.  Replace old sheets and duvet cover.  It was tempting to leave Big Orange and a Thermarest so that Blonde One felt at home but they did look a bit odd.

4.  Place towel on bed – we have one guest towel and I even managed to find it.  We don’t usually need towels when we have Dartmoor sleepovers so this is a bit of a novelty, it isn’t even a micro towel!

5.  Ensure that there is a map of Dartmoor within easy reach.  She will bring her own I am sure but I have put one there just in case.  No Blonde can sleep without OL28 near to hand and I don’t want her getting lost in the middle of the night.

We will let you know how we get on tomorrow morning.  We are planning (this has not been said out loud but we are) to have breakfast/brunch up at Fox Tor Cafe.  I think Blonde Baps might be the order of the day!