By: Blonde Two

When energy levels get low out on the hills and Blondes (usually me) start to get a bit grumpy, there is only really one effective answer – sweeties.  Blonde One can quite often be seen slipping me sugary morsel when I start to get a bit ratty with her, with the kids or even just with life.

Sweeties should be carried in a convenient pocket or pouch where they can be reached without stopping walking and without anyone noticing (no Blonde wants to admit to being  moody).  Of course, you can do the same with nuts, dried apricots or funny flakes of banana but we have tried all of these and nothing beats a …

Now this is where Blonde One and I have a difference of opinion.  We don’t have many, in fact, it is a bit scary how often we agree with each other, eat the same food and make the same decisions.  We do not, however, agree on which confectionary should win the title of “Blonde Walking Sweet”.  Blonde One favours the Jelly Baby and I prefer the Wine Gum (shaped ones not round ones).  Blonde One is more organised about bringing hers and has a special pouch to put them in, so over the course of a year’s walking we would probably consume more Jelly Babies (there may be the possibility for some serious research here).

So if you ever bump into us out on Dartmoor and want to work out which Blonde is which, look tired and a bit fed up (but please don’t swear) and see which type of sweetie you get offered.