By: Blonde Two

I don’t know if anybody noticed, but yesterday, it was hot on Dartmoor.  Not just your average hot you understand, it was road melting, angry driver, sweat running into your eyes hot.  Blonde One and I were silly enough to go out for walk in this heat – (you have to remember here that we usually only see Dartmoor from within a cloud) but we did do our best to prepare.  We had plenty of water (drank it all), sunscream (ended up running into my eyes) and had planned a route that included forest (even hotter) and a swim.

The swim was the only part of this cunning and subtle plan that really worked.  I am going to tell you about the location another day but for those that know Dartmoor well – we didn’t see any bell ropes or hear any strange voices.  We both had our doubts about the wisdom of a swim in this particular pool.  It is known to be very deep and we have only seen it on very cold days or at night before.  By the time we had walked up there, however, a dip was clearly the only sensible thing to do; the sun was blazing, the air was still and the Blondes were sweating (sorry perspiring).

There were already a few people there which, for the Blondes meant a long discussion about how to get changed into bikinis, where to enter the pool and how silly we were going to look.  Once the discussion was over, we opted for sandwich on the higher bank, change under a towel and then walk down to “beach” (this is a very loose description). The good thing about this plan was that I did get to stride across a very little bit of Dartmoor in my new red bikini and walking boots.  There is photographic evidence of this but nobody is ever going to see it!

We didn’t make a very glamorous entrance to the pool being far too chicken to jump straight in.  There was some inelegant sliding and I made a fuss about the slimy bottom (the pool’s not the Blondes’).  Once we had both edged our way into the water, however, it was really lovely.  It was much warmer than you would imagine, with little patches of cold to make sure that you cooled down just the right amount.  The sides were quite steep and we couldn’t touch the bottom for long which was just as well because the feeling of mud through your toes has never been a favourite sensation of mine.

We felt very pleased with ourselves and quite brave when, despite the murkiness of the water, we managed to swim right across the pool and back a couple of times (about 50m wide).  We had to come back straight away each time because we were too scared to get out the other side.  Getting out wasn’t much more elegant but felt better because we had conquered and done some pretty good Blonde Wild Swimming.  Give it a go sometime, I thoroughly recommend it!