By: Blonde Two

B2 Rescue

I hope you haven’t been too worried about me waiting to be saved by Dartmoor Rescue in a freezing ruined chapel, suffering from terrible stab wounds and worrying about the whereabouts of my evil brother.  That was on Wednesday night, the story continues …

My minder (glad he was there) and I had been watching torch light carefully and after a few false alarms, we finally did see beams of light working their way up the hillside towards us.  We ducked down behind the chapel wall, I was fairly invisible but Dartmoor Rescue jackets are very shiny at night.  There had been a suggestion that the exercise was about to end so as the rescue party arrived, I whispered “am I unconscious” to my minder and, at his affirmative response, I started my performance.

In all honesty, by now it wasn’t a very difficult part to play.  I was tired so slumping on the stones was easy and I was cold so violent shivering (it felt violent to me) helped add some authenticity – I guess I had gone into shock (this was later confirmed by my rescuer).  I didn’t act for long but did managed to giggle once.  Ashamed at my lack of professionalism, I opted for the unconscious approach from then on, only stirring to mutter my vicious brother Adam’s name.

I have to say here that I felt very well looked after indeed.  It was easy to imagine that the scenario was real (maybe because I have been in a real rescue scenario) and comforting in the extreme to have someone so calm and collected deal with my injuries.  I didn’t get my stretcher ride home (not sure if I am pleased or not about that).  I was either better or dead, not sure which.  It seemed funny to jump up and put my rucksack back on – glad I was allowed to remove my neck collar though (not as uncomfortable as you might imagine).

We had a good walk down off the moors following the equipment loaded stretcher (despite the wheel, this didn’t look at all easy to control).  I was amazed to realise how many Dartmoor Rescue bods had been involved in our rescue – for all of them to turn out week after week for training is something is to be truly admired.  These guys went out on a real call out straight afterwards too.  The Landrover was a welcome sight as it shone at the top of the track in the darkness.

I am pleased to announce that Darmoor Rescue (particularly Ashburton) have two very keen Blonde fans.  Remember, everything they do is publicly funded and they need our support.  Just click here to find out how you can do that or support their sponsored walk down the Templer Way (lovely walk and mostly downhill) on April 28th.

I have no idea what happened to the wicked Adam.  Maybe he popped down to the pub with us afterwards, maybe he escaped home to sit by his fire and clean off his knife or maybe, just maybe, he is still up there …