By: Blonde Two

I am not always a Blonde. My other life as ‘Fi Darby Freelance writer extraordinaire‘ is going very well. I have just picked up another eager client and am fully engaged most days writing blog posts for other people on a wide and eclectic range of subjects. This inevitably involves research and I am learning random facts about so many different things that my brain is becoming an official Centre for Useless Knowledge. Blonde One suggested that I might now be the perfect partner in a pub quiz (Dartmoor has some fabulous pubs), and she could be right. It would be a very strange quiz though that took in job growth statistics in Australia, English dental treatments and Scottish water filter methods. I had a go at writing it, here are some of the questions:

1. Name 3 things you should do every time you go out on your jetski. (My swimmy friends will have a thing or two to say about this one).

2. Explain the 2 main types of home water filter. (Did you see the Guardian article about microplastics in tap water?)

3. What speed are Formula One cars allowed to do in the pit lane?

4. How do you clean a wooden floor without damaging it? (My floor gets cleaned once a year at Christmas unless I forget).

5. Which is the best independent school in North London?

6. What are the qualifications of Dr Peter Hastings (dentist)?

7. Give 3 onomatopoeic words that sound like animals. (Pictorial clue below).

8. Give 3 reasons people have forklift accidents. (Not to be confused with fork accidents, which are comparatively rare.)

9. Explain exactly where a leg of lamb comes from. (No pictorial clue this time, too upsetting!)

10. How can you find out if your home is a listed building? (We Blondes like lists so much I feel I should probably move house so that I can be on this one!)


A strange pub quiz, I am sure you will agree. How many questions could you answer? Probably not as many as me, I must now be a genius!!