By: Blonde Two

After all its attention seeking behaviour yesterday, it would seem rude not to talk about the weather.

The Two Blondes walk in most weather conditions but rarely (I can only remember once) in the sunshine and heat.  The day we did venture out in the warmth was a bit of a shock, I was wearing far too many clothes – I prefer my walking kit to be of the “cover all evil” type.  I do own a pair of walking shorts but they look truly horrid on and I think stomping up tors in my knickers would be preferable.

On Dartmoor, it is difficult to find a day that doesn’t have a lot of water in it, either soaking your head or seeping into your boots.  We Blondes are used to it now and once you are outside, the rain never seems as bad as it looks from the car.

A good friend told me that there was no such thing as bad weather only the wrong clothes.  I get it but think he might have been wrong yesterday; I have some lovely kit but I had no intention of going out to test his theory.