By: Blonde Two

The song above (link here if you can bear it is not really about a Blonde but about a poor old bear who struggles his way over a mountain in anticipation of what he is going to see.  He finally gets to the top only to find that the only thing on the other side is lots more mountains.Cable Car GeforenewandAs I have been walking/gliding/hiding my eyes up a fair few mountains over the last few days, this song has been in my head (Blonde One would call it an “ear-worm”).  On first listening to the song, a Blonde might feel sorry for the bear and share in his disappointment.  What on earth is the point, a Blonde might ask, of climbing a whole mountain only to find that there is yet more climbing to do?Mountain Top Panorama TerrasseThere is, of course, the possibility that the song was written as a metaphor for life and its ‘toil and disappointment’ cycle.  But you would only believe that, wouldn’t you, if you believed that life was all about toil and disappointment.  Being Blonde, I obviously don’t. Do I believe that there are disappointments?  Clearly yes.  Do I believe that there is toil? Well if there isn’t, I don’t know what Blonde One and I have been doing for the last year. Do I believe that toil and disappointment are inextricably linked?  Don’t be a dullard (what a wonderful word), of course I don’t.  Sometimes we work hard and are rewarded, sometimes we work hard and are not.

This is all getting a bit deep and entangled now isn’t it, maybe that is what mountain air does to a Blonde.  It makes sense in my head so you will just have to trust me.  And anyway, who is to say that the bear was disappointed to see more mountains?  Maybe, like me, he got to the top, saw all of the other mountains and was just happy that they were there.Mountain Top Panorama Terrasse 2