By: Blonde Two

I would like to point out that this post title does not refer to a dodgy method of contraception (although, I did, in the interest of blog research, discover some interesting articles on this topic).

Rather, it is an allusion to the situation that the Two Blondes found themselves in earlier this week.  Let me tell you more;

As you have probably worked out, we Blondes have incredibly busy work lives with fairly busy “jobby” (job/hobby) lives on top of that.  We saw each other at least once every day last week at DofE meetings (3), Ten Tors meetings (2), trips to the cash and carry (1) and fund raising sweet sales (1).  There was a bit of “bumping into in the corridor” on top of that but despite all of these assignations, we didn’t really manage to find a moment to actually have a conversation.

This, to most people, would seem quite normal and not something to get too bothered about.  Indeed, I didn’t think that I was too bothered about it but, by the end of the (exhausting) week, I was feeling a bit low, a bit lack-lustre and a bit under-the-weather. There are other factors of course but I am now convinced that part of my problem was that I was suffering from Blonde Withdrawal.

It would be interesting to ask Blonde One if she felt the same.  I suspect that she would say that she did.  One thing is for sure, when we finally did get together for a proper “meeting” at Foxtor Cafe yesterday, we were talking so much that we must have sat in the parked car for at least half an hour before remembering to go into the cafe.