By: Blonde Two

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If you are an outdoorsy sort of person, you will not only know what a Buff is, but probably own at least one yourself. You will probably also have a warm neck when you walk, climb, cycle, kayak, camp and ski (please don’t attempt all of these at the same time). This is because a Buff is a tubular scarf (a wealth of other tubular scarves are available as the guys from Kitshack will demonstrate if you have a look at their website).Buffs in Grass1The Two Blondes are rarely seen on Dartmoor without their Buffs. We had a count up; between us we now own eight – this is odd, because we only own two necks.

We have recently invited two new members into our Buff family, and very welcome they are too. These Buff’s are very special because they combine two Blonde loves – warm necks and merino wool. As you know, with my love of all things New Zealand, I am a particular fan of merino. I can’t think of another fabric that keeps you warm, keeps you cool and stops you from getting smelly (nobody likes a smelly neck).

Here are our Buffs; blue to match B1’s waterproof and red to match mine (it took a while to choose them because Kitshack offer so many patterns and colours).Blondes in Buffs2
Last Tuesday we gave our new Buffs a really good field test by taking them on a Dartmoor wild camp.Wild Camp OctoberI was really pleased with mine; you can tell that I was because I was still wearing it (and didn’t really want to take it off) when I got undressed for a shower the next day. The merino worked well when we were walking; not too hot up a hill, but cosy when standing in the wind doing a bit of map reading. It was a bit rainy while we were pitching the tent; rain can sometimes turn a cosy Buff into something resembling a wet dishcloth; this was not the case with the merino ones, as after a short while of Blonde tent chatter, both Buffs were warm and dry once more, and both were worn in bed.

You can do lots of things with a Buff; my most unusual one so far being straining gorse tea. On this particular trip mine quickly became a hat when my ears were cold, and then a headband when my hair was just too ridiculous to be seen in a cafe (I couldn’t bring myself to take a photo!) If Kitshack hadn’t been lovely and given me one, I would certainly be putting it on my outdoorsy Christmas list!