By: Blonde Two

As all excellent Blondees and Blondettes already know, there are not many things that the Two Blondes like better than stomping around in as much rain, mist and mud as possible up on that most wonderful of moors, Dartmoor.  If you are ardent Blonde followers, you will also understand that, although there is not much that is feminine about our hobby, we have certain “girl standards” that we like to keep up.  These lead to our walking kit never failing to include those essential items – lip gloss, hair ties and waterproof mascara (emphasis on waterproof here).

On Friday, I gave my body a shock and, instead of taking it out for a walk in the drizzle or throwing it in a bog, I invited it inside for a whole day of looking after and pampering. When a (not so Blonde) friend suggested a pamper day, I wasn’t too sure about the idea.  It wasn’t that I thought I would object to being made to relax while people rubbed nice things all over me (who would?) but more the niceties of what to put on and when to take it off again.  On Dartmoor, this is easy to manage – it is raining (put your waterproofs on), it isn’t raining (put your waterproofs on because it will be raining soon).  As it turns out, I had been worrying needlessly, the clothing options consisted mostly of towels and nice ladies told you when to take stuff off and when to put it on again.

I have discovered that Blondes do indeed like pampering.  It is so different from Dartmoor bog trotting that I won’t try to make comparisons.  I will note though, that both activities make you feel sleepy and happy at the end of the day.  I am looking forward to experiencing an clash of cultures on Wednesday night when I am going to take my lovely new manicure up to Dartmoor to be rescued in a training exercise with Ashburton Dartmoor Search and Rescue.