By: Blonde Two

Yesterday Blondes One and Two got together again after what must have been at least a month (did you notice the fireworks?) We had arranged to sit for at least three hours at the indomitable Fox Tor Cafe in Princetown; and drink coffee, eat lunch, and drink more coffee, in that order. We had a business meeting and agenda which started like this:

1. Which table?
2. Cheesy chips or cake?
3. Lots of other business stuff!

It took us a while to get there as my usual route from my Seaside-Town to B1’s Market-Town was blocked by traffic, and I had to go around to meet her at Gate-To-Moor via Hippy-Town. Once we got to Fox Tor Cafe, we swapped tables only once, which is good going for us; you have to use patience to get a Position-of-Power, but we did eventually.

Agenda item 2 was easier to settle as we had both cheesy chips and cake (well we hadn’t been for ages!)

As well as talking about businessy stuff, we had lots to catch up on with Blonde One’s trip to Africa and my solo camp:

There were wildlife comparisons: She had wrestled scorpions, I had gazed at slugs.

There were weather comparisons: She had laboured in nearly 50 degree heat, I had got damp.

There were food comparisons: She had dined on Moroccan cuisine, I had munched pork pies.

There were mountain comparisons: She had climbed an Atlas Mountain, me a hill called ‘Hangingstone’.

As you can imagine, all of this took us through coffee, past lunch and straight over coffee and cake. In fact, it was coming up for being evening time when I returned home … and I have a feeling we have lots more to say yet!

Welcome home Blonde One – I can’t wait to hear more!