By: Blonde One

In a very Wonderwoman kind of way the blondes are very good at rescuing! We have been rescued, have rescued others, witnessed others being rescued and last weekend we added to our list of heroic events by rescuing a dog. I am perhaps ‘bigging up’ the situation as I don’t think that the dog really thought that he needed rescuing. Whilst sat down at the riverside at Hexworthy on Saturday as it was getting dimpsy (we were waiting for it to get dark to start the night nav) we were joined by a very excitable dog. He was quite friendly and spent a good deal of time with us. We soon discovered that he liked to follow things as he chased the few cars that drove past and as we set off towards the Princetown road he followed us! We became increasingly worried that we would have to rename our blog “Two Blondes and Dog” although it has quite a ring to it! We were also worried that if he followed us onto the ‘busy’ Princetown road it would not end very well.

We used his tag to ring his farmer owner who promptly came out on his quad bike to collect him. We were left feeling very smug at our successful mission to rescue one of our four-legged friends! Dartmoor Rescue have got nothing on us!!!!