By: Blonde Two

Once, in a dark green forest, there lived a terrifying monster with three horns.  This monster wore black shiny armour and fed his young on dung.  He himself didn’t like the taste of dung and preferred the flesh of sweet innocent Blondes.

Okay, I apologise.  I have spent far too much time recently attempting to write children’s stories.  Part of the above story is true though.  Blonde One and I did meet a shiny black monster, but he was very small, and was in fact a Minotaur Beetle (please feel free to enlighten us if we are wrong about this).

Minotaur Beetle 2

We haven’t given him a name (which, let’s face it, is odd for someone who has given her sleeping bag a name) so feel free to suggest one. The suggested name should maybe reflect the fact that we Blondes are certain that our beetle was a grand adventurer.  We have two strands of proof for this;

1)  During the course of our very comfortable luncheon, this beetle crossed seven leaves, climbed over one twig and hid under a leaf for a whole three minutes.

2)  This was a dung beetle and there (very suspicious of this as it was Dartmoor) was absolutely no dung in sight.  This means that he must have adventured a long way to come and visit the fair maiden Blondes!

B.E.D. (Do I have to spell it out for you?)

Blonde Erat Demonstrandum!