By: Blonde Two

Black Friday appears to be losing popularity but, if we are honest, we all still love a bargain. The consensus of opinion seems to be that pre-Christmas (sorry) bargains are out there for the buying but only if we were planning to buy that item anyway. Black Friday sales it would appear are not exactly the shade they were painted but the outdoor industry seems to be responding sensibly and has some cracking deals available over a longer period of time. I have never seen the point of January sales, surely January is the time to get outside and use all those lovely gadget presents you were given for Christmas. Anyway… whether you are looking for Black Friday bargains, fancy a little outdoor gear boost or want to treat that outdoor person in your life on December 25th, here’s our pick of the seasonal outdoor gear bargains for 2019.

The outdoor cooking bargain

We Blondes both have jet boilers and have used them again and again over the years. They are not so great for creative outdoor cookery but for a quick cuppa or speedy meal heating they are ideal…

The Alpkit BruKit all-in-one cooking system – £38.99 (£44.99)


The outdoor sleeping bargain

A good sleeping mat can make all the difference between a cosy night’s sleep and a cold night awake. We haven’t tried this one but really rate Mountain Equipment for their sleeping bags…

The Mountain Equipment Helium 3.8 Warm Zone Sleeping Mat – £50.00 (£80.00)


The really warm outdoor bargain

I reviewed this one last year and have just started wearing it again this year. Long enough to keep my bottom warm but smart enough to walk me into town, this is a versatile coat that has also been my pillow a few times.

The Rohan Downtown Jacket – £236 (£295)


The exciting map outdoor bargain

Okay so this one only saves you a small amount but I know it is a fantastic map because I helped to write it! If you fancy exploring our capital city anytime soon, this is the one for you.

The Ordnance Survey Walk London map – £8.49 (£9.99)


The ‘favourite gear’ outdoor bargain

Sorry to return to Alpkit but this bivvy bag has been my best camping friend (after Blonde One) for a few years now and is still keeping me warm and dry in all sorts of strange places and with all sorts of strange creatures.

The Alpkit Hunka XL lightweight bivvy bag – £54.99 (64.99)


So there we have it, our pick of the 2019 not so black Friday bargains. Whatever your favourite outdoor colour this Friday we hope you enjoy getting outside and then maybe treating yourself. Just imagine if you bought all five you could find yourself cooking tea in the middle of Richmond Park before settling down under the trees in your bivvy bag and city-smart coat (this is not a recommendation!)