By: Blonde Two

I have to admit to a Blonde crime here.  I have stolen something from Blonde One.  Not a possession but a question … and the question in question is … “Is it a pink job or a blue one?”

I have terrible worries that I have just said something really rude but as far as I am aware, neither “pink job” nor “blue job” are euphemisms (although they obviously could be!)  I am sure that you have worked it out dear Blondees and Blondettes; a pink job is one for ladies and a blue job is one for gentlemen.  Blonde One asks the question (or more correctly she gives the answer to the question) a lot and I seem (in true mimicking those that you admire form) to be doing it as well.

The list of blue jobs is endless; emptying the bins, adding bits to cars, buying diesel, screwing stuff, unscrewing stuff, hammering, carrying boxes with saggy bottoms, painting anything that requires more than an hour’s concentration, climbing up things, going in the loft, understanding the central heating, understanding the stereo, understanding the remote control, washing up.

In our house, the lines blur a bit but the main pink jobs are; cooking, gardening, rucksack sorting, wearing clothes … and that is enough I think!

What has occurred to me recently however, is that the Two Blondes are both pink (confusing eh?)  This means that, inevitably, when we have failed to find a man (you will know by now that this happens often), one of ends up having to do a blue job.

Take minibus driving for example.  Blonde One is pink, bus driving looks like a blue job.  Whacking things with mallets is definitely a blue job but I, a pink Blonde, am quite good at it.  Who usually packs the car?  That’s right, it is a blue person.  Who packs the minibus?  Two pink Blondes (well actually we have some young blue people who are much better at it than us!)

I could go on but there is one obvious job to mention; we Blondes are very good at navigation (please just nod and agree with me).  Most blue people in the world would argue that this was impossible and that navigating was a blue job.  They would, of course, be wrong (unless the pink person in the car fancies a sleep).

So what has happened to the laws of pink and blue here?  Have we Blondes thrown off the pink mantel (probably another euphemism) to become a fetching shade of duck-egg?  Those who have met us will tell you unequivocally that we are far from masculine so this can’t be true.  Maybe we are striped, nobody would ever know with all of those waterproofs and gaiters on.  Or maybe we have just learnt to play the blue/pink game to our maximum advantage!