By: Blonde Two

Most of our Devon readers will have seen this year’s bluebells come and go by now. There have been a lot around down by us but the Dartmoor ones seem to be a little bit backward at coming forward this year.  Our friends at Ashburton Dartmoor Rescue, who are highly trained in the skill of “finding things”, have been helping us out with reports of sightings over the last couple of weeks.  On Monday, the Two Blondes took a trip up to Eastern Dartmoor to investigate the bluebell field at Holwell Lawn.


It was my first visit up to this particular bluebell field, it is always nice to be introduced to somewhere by someone who has fallen in love with it.  Blonde One first visited by accident with Little Miss Blonde a few years ago and since she told me about them, we have been trying to have a Two Blondes bluebell viewing.  Sadly, this viewing has not been successful in previous years due to the large number of tasks that we usually try to cram into the month of May.

I am pleased to report that the bluebells are indeed there.  They are not in their full splendour yet so we will have to go back up again next week (any excuse for a walk!)  They are, however, already looking very pretty.  The whole area is carpeted, so much so that it was tricky to know where to walk without squashing any.  I had to sit on the ground at one point to take some photos and was really worried about the number of bluebells suffocating under my bottom.  Blonde One was kind enough to suggest that only six of the little darlings were suffering this sad fate but looking in the mirror, I am sure that a few more than that met their demise.


Bluebell purists will be relieved to hear that the Holwell Lawn bluebells are all of the delicate English variety – Hyacnthoides Thingy-Thingy.  At least I think they are, now I am back home researching exactly how to tell the difference, I am less sure – if only I had checked the colour of the pollen!  They did have flowers on one side and the stems were bent over at the top so the signs are there.  I did notice that they were quite short but lots of things on Dartmoor are quite short.

It was a lovely evening and we took so long over our cup of tea that we had to walk back to the car at quite a pace.  We are looking forward to our revisit next week.