By: Blonde Two

Women make very good adventurers. Take Rosie Stancer for instance who has skied solo to the South Pole without resupply and very nearly made it to the North Pole before she had to give up. This was after amputating two of her own toes with a Leatherman. (We couldn’t find a picture of the toes or the Leatherman!)

Not all adventures are quite as epic as this, however all of them count. Whether it is dipping a toe in a mountain stream or swimming across the English Channel, if something challenges you, takes you out of your comfort zone and (most importantly) gets you outside, then it counts, it is your adventure.

The BMC have now gathered in all of the candidates for their Women in Adventure film competition. The great thing about this competition is that although all of the women are impressive in their own way, some of them are actually having adventures that you or I might consider attempting. There is a link below to my favourite but you can view the others on YouTube with some additional information here.