By: Blonde Two

I am not sure what you lovely outdoor people are planning to do with your Saturday. You are maybe off to do some shopping (you could get that over with this evening), you might be planning a trip to the beach (along with approximately a million other people) or you could maybe have decided to celebrate National Parks Week by having a fantastic morning at the Dartmoor National Park Summer Fair, followed by lunch at Foxtor Cafe and then a Bimble along one of the great walking routes that lead out of Princetown.

Summer Fair balloons final

I don’t want to sound bossy (because I definitely am not) but it is clear to me which one of the above you should choose. Who wouldn’t want to have a book signed by a sheep, buy some local knitting from Dartmoor Rescue and spin a collection of mini-beasts? (I may have got these events a bit muddled up!)

Do come along, we would all love to see you. For Princetown the weather forecast is superb. Some light cloud and even a bit of sunshine peeping out now and again; plus it is all going to be enormous fun.

Reading Ignatius Bowerman

Plus, don’t forget, this will be your first (and maybe only) opportunity to buy a signed copy of my new book, ‘The Non-Story of Ignatius Bowerman’. You will also get to chat to our esteemed illustrator, the very talented Steve Cobbin. Those of us who have met Mr Bowerman all love him, and you will too once you have read the story (for children but not just for children!) I promise you, one day a signed first edition will be worth… at least a lot of money! JK Rowling, B2 Dartmoor… the names just trip off the tongue!