By: Blonde One

The Two Blondes are very good at games – both playing them and making up our own (remember the ‘minibus drive home/jelly baby game’?!, remember the ‘can you spot which item of outdoorsy clothing the Two Blondes are sneakily wearing?!) At work recently we have been playing a new kind of game. This time we are playing someone elses game: ‘shelfies’. We’ve mentioned before about the ‘selfie’ craze – taking a photo of yourself (this photo usually includes a fair amount of arm, as you hold out your phone to take it). The ‘shelfie’ is much better. It involves looking at a collection of photos of bookshelves and trying to guess who it belongs to. I have seen some pretty impressive books and bookcases. There have seen some that are so full of travel guides that I don’t know how the owner has time to read. I’ve seen some full of the Classics. There have been some so neat that I find it hard to believe that it actually gets used. I think I did quite well at guessing the owners and most people quite easily guessed mine.

Here it is …


It’s messy isn’t it?! Although I say most people guessed my bookcase, those same people said “it can’t possibly be ****’s (insert Blonde One real name), it’s far too messy!” It seems that I have a reputation for being a neat freak! My bookcase, it seems, is my one concession to messiness!