By: Blonde Two
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Walking boots, apparently, are not just for walkers. As you know, we Blondes love a pair of boots and are always willing to go the extra mile (kilometre), leave no stone unturned (except for the giant Dartmoor tors), climb every mountain (we don’t follow rainbows) and ford every stream (best way to tell if a boot is waterproof) in order to test the latest walking boots for you. However, we aren’t alone in our love of and requirement for good quality walking boots. Anyone who has served as a police officer will tell you the value of a comfortable pair of boots over a long shift.

We have recently ‘met’ (in the virtual sense of the word) Steve Jones, an ex police officer who did 17 years on his feet with the Metropolitan Police (we believe he was occasionally allowed to sit down). Steve now runs Police Discount Offers, a website which gathers together discounts on a range of equipment for the wider police community and their families. If you love gear websites you will be fascinated with this one, it has such interesting deals as kevlar protective gloves, pink handcuff keys and reversible police caps as well as holiday, mobile phone and broadband offers.

Our rucksacks are already far too heavy for such fun gadgets but we were very interested to note the Police Discount boot offers page, which has links (with offers) to a surprisingly large range of boots (all black but a lot of mud is nearly black) including some from well known walking boot suppliers Altberg and Lowa. Steve has secured some exclusive discounts on both boots as well as an exclusive discount code for Magnum Boots (both available to everyone, not just the police community).

Just before I finished writing this post I had another little explore of the website (hard to resist gear, even if it isn’t walking gear). I have to say that I really do fancy a pen that has its own special light for night writing!


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