By: Blonde Two

I do like a good strapline and this one is particularly appealing.  Can you guess what it is strapping and lining about?

“Born to be worn, not stitched to be ditched.”

No?  Well cast your mind back (if you were with us then) to around October time last year. Blonde One and I received three great big boxes filled with second hand walking gear.  Presents like this will always be exciting for Blondes but these were heart warming as well as being exciting because they were for us to give to our Duke of Edinburgh and Ten Tors youngsters.

We are still giving them out, walking kit is expensive and it makes a huge difference to our lot not to have to buy some of it.  I have even noticed some of the kit in everyday use!

All of this loveliness came about because of a fantastic scheme called “Gift Your Gear” which encouraged lovely outdoor people like yourselves to take their “no-longer-loved” outdoor gear along to Rohan shops for which kindness they received a 15% discount of their chosen new gear.


If you have noticed that the sun has started to shine (shh), that your last waterproof jacket is looking jaded or that there are some lovely new spring colours in the outdoor shops then maybe you would like a really good excuse to go shopping.  Just think how good you would feel if one of the Two Blondes’ Dartmoor youngsters ended up being just that bit warmer and drier because of your just-that-bit-old fleece.

Hurry up though!  Offer ends at the end of March!