By: Blonde Two

Hello Dear Blondees and Blondettes. Here is Blonde Two, back from the Land-Where-the-Dragon-Lies-Down-with-the-Lamb. Or in my case, the Land-Where-the-Orange-Lies-Down-with-the-Purple.Big Orange and Purple Pete

I posed a few questions on Sunday morning, and I just know that you will all have been on tenterhooks (or bothyhooks) every since then. So here are some answers:

A oedd hi’n dod o hyd i’r Bwthyn?  Did she find the bothy?
Yes she did for she is Blonde! There is a story to tell about this another day but Running-Girl and I made it safely to our destination and avoided a damp bivvy night in a Welsh bog.Outside Bothy Bridge

Oedd hi cynnau’r tân?  Did she light the fire?
Yes she did. Running-Girl and I both had to do some log sawing too. This, as it turns out, makes you much warmer than actually burning the stuff!Inside Bothy Stove

Oedd hi gael noson dda o gwsg?  Did she have a good night’s sleep?
Yes she did! A strange but relaxed night. Sleep at 21:30, awake for a wee, a cuppa and a natter between 03:00 and 05:30, sleep until 08:30.Inside Bothy Candles

The Claerddu Bothy is a shelter of excellence and luxury. There is running water (and not just in the stream outside), a toilet (and not just in the trees outside) and a wood burner (shame there aren’t any trees outside). Many thank to the Elan Valley Trust for their excellent maintenance and provision.