By: Blonde Two

We Blondes are out on expedition at the moment.  We will be waking up in our favourite cow pen this morning and setting off across Dartmoor again once we have managed to swallow our porridge.  So here is a story that I have been saving for you:

A year or so ago, the Two Blondes found themselves, as they have a few times before and since, waiting for Ten Tors teams in a minibus. This time we were accompanied by a trio of blokes and, when banter had run out, we decided to play a game.

The game is all about finding out what your Mountain Guide name should be.  I am fairly certain that Bear Grylls rejuvinated his ursine childhood nickname when he decided to abandon his career in flower arranging in favour of macho adventuring.  Before that, he was probably named Alstromeria Grylls.  In order to develop your own uber-macho Mountain Guide name, you have to put together the name of your favourite chocolate bar and a popular make of power tool (you may note from the names in the title that we Blondes quickly ran short of power tool knowledge).  Our very favourite is Yorkie Bosch and the poor chap who invented it is called it still by his Blonde friends (we think he secretly likes it).

So, Blondees and Blondettes, have a go and inventing your own Mountain Guide names and do please share.  If you are feeling clever, you could look at the two names in the title of this post and guess which belongs to which Blonde.  We may or may not tell you if you are correct!