By: Blonde Two

I was listening to an interesting debate on the Channel Four news last night.  The discussion was about whether or not there was anywhere on the earth left for explorers to explore.  I am not convinced that any real conclusions were reached – the “machines on the sea bottom” man said that machines made it possible for exploration to be enjoyed by everybody.  Pen Hadow (polar explorer) was in the “actually do it” corner and was extolling exploration as a tool to investigate and look after our planet.

What got me really interested though was what Pen had to say when asked about women explorers.  He said that men were very focused and could set a goal in their sights and just head for it in a blinkered kind of way, whereas women brought a social aspect to an exploration team which meant that everybody got looked after and the team all reached the goal.

I think it was 2011 when the first all girls team to complete the 35, 45 and 55 miles Ten Tors routes was announced and I was thrilled to hear it.  We have had many mixed teams and all of the girls and the lads bring something different to the recipe.  We have lots of girls training this year and they are showing no signs of giving up yet – usually we have lost (not literally) one or two by this stage as the training gets tougher.  This year’s lot are going to be tricky to choose from – a plucky and spirited bunch in various shades of pink.

I am not a feminist in any way.  Boys and girls are different and I love that difference – lets face it, having a strong bloke to hold your hand when you are silly enough to be scared of river crossings can in no way be a bad thing.  I do know though that the boys need us as much as we need them.  Take the flapjack for instance – Blonde One and I know that some grown up boys get grumpy when they are out walking if they don’t eat enough – we try to take flapjack with us just in case.

So vive la difference and vive l’exploration … it will be time to choose Ten Tors teams soon, who knows what mix we will get this year.