By: Blonde One

The most important part of my morning routine is my coffee. It has to be right, of course. It has to be in the right mug, in the right location and the right temperature. I don’t mind whether my morning coffee is in one of my favourite outdoors (must have a lid) mugs, served at work, at my desk …


or if my coffee is in my favourite Isles of Scilly mug served in my own home surrounded by comfy things like slippers and central heating.


But my most favourite morning coffee is served on a freezing cold Dartmoor morning, in a tent, made with a Jetboil. The temperature will invariably be wrong: either mouth-scorchingly hot or only just tepid, but it doesn’t matter. The fact that I’ve woken up to a glorious Dartmoor view cancels out all of the rest. Blonde Two and I have perfected a system for our morning drinks which includes our own cup holder invention (aka boots).


Our latest camp was pretty much as perfect as it could be including our breakfast. It was unconventional, even for us! We emptied the contents of our food bags to see what we could rustle up. This is what we ended up with …


Not exactly Michelin starred but, as with the coffee, the location meant that we were entirely happy with our morning al fresco feast.