By: Blonde One


I have walked past this memorial so many times that I can’t actually believe that I haven’t spotted it before. I’m hoping that it has been covered by flora until now and that my eyesight hasn’t been failing me or that I am very, very unobservant. Anyway, Little Miss Blonde and I had a closer look and discovered some lovely words dated 1865. They were a little hard to read so after some research we discovered that it is a memorial to a Margaret Meynell who died in a riding accident. She was the daughter of the family who owned Brentmoor House: a 3000 acre estate that was demolished in 1968. At the house there was a ghost of a nursemaid who suffocated one of her small charges. The Two Blondes have camped near this spot on several occasions, so I’m glad that we didn’t know this then.

It looks like it was a stunning house, that I would love to inhabit (but maybe not if it was haunted).  There’s nothing on the site now except some piles of rubble and the memorial.